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Muharraq's origins are ancient, going back to the time of Dilmun some five thousand years ago, but it came to prominence in the historical records during the era of Tylos when Bahrain came under domination of the Selucid Greeks, and Muharraq was the centre of a pagan cult dedicated to the shark god, Awal. The city's inhabitants, who depended upon seafaring and trade for their livelihood, worshipped Awal in the form of a large statue of a shark located in the city.
Served As Capital since 1923 Education
Coordinates 26°15'N 50°37'E Abu Farias Al-Hamdani Primary Boys School
Al-Maari Primary Boys School
A'amena bint Wahab Primary Girls School
Al-Muharraq Primary Girls School
Average High Temperature 30.5°C
Average Low Temperature 23.9°C
Valentine's Day (Feb 10-15)
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Get well basket: Hospital
Love and Romance
Mixed Flowers
Mother's Day
New Baby
Spring Bouquets
Thank You
White Flowers
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